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We enable farmers to sell their products direct to the consumer so that they get a fair price for their work.We Aim to:

Increase farm incomes.

  • Open more farmers’ markets in London; if you have a site please get in touch.
  • Support traditional animal breeds and heritage fruit and vegetable varieties.
  • Reduce plastic packaging and encourage sustainable alternatives¬†(read more here)
  • Advise farmers about what to sell, how to market local produce and help to improve standards of presentation and food hygiene.

Do you want to sell with us?
We welcome farmers, nurseries, fishermen, bakers, preserve makers and cooks at our markets. If you grow it or make it using local ingredients we may have a place for you.

We value conventional and organic production methods. Your sales staff must be involved in the business and be able to talk with knowledge about the products they are selling.

We need more:

  • Fishermen
  • Dairy farmers producing cream and milk especially unhomogenized and raw milk
  • Dairy farmers making cheese
  • Beef, pork and lamb farmers who can cut meat to order on site
  • Top fruit and soft fruit growers, especially those with good storage to offer fruit for an extended season¬†
  • Mushroom growers